Practice sessions: NodeJS web framework

The popularity of NodeJS is rising and that means I can’t be staying behind. So I finally gave in and decided to see what all the fuzz about NodeJS is about.

Since I spend most of my time developing Symfony applications and web frameworks are among the most complicated and diverse pieces of software to develop, I decided to create a NodeJS web framework (heavily) based on Symfony. The most important reasoning behind this though, was that I’ll learn something new, as well as developing a greater understanding of the internal of Symfony. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

You can check out the project at
Documentation is lacking since it’s just a practice project, but you can run the framework by executing

nodejs nootjs.js
// OR:
node nootjs.js

You may notice that about 90% of the directory structure is about the same as Symfony’s. I had one very important rule though while developing the framework as to not end up mindlessly copy-pasting:
No peaking at Symfony’s implementation.
I decided mimicking the directory structure was okay though, since I’m already familiar with it and it’s probably the most logical way to divide my code into separate blocks.

I’d be glad to hear any feedback, since this is my first Node project and there’s probably lots of room for improvement.